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Signs That Your VoIP System Has Been Hacked

When most people think of hacking, they think of phishing emails and computer hijacking. Very few people consider that their phone systems could be hacked. However, VoIP hacking is possible and fairly common, so it’s important to be able to identify the most common signs of a hacked VoIP system. The more quickly you can […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing a Copier

Efficient office spaces often choose to lease a multifunction printer rather than buy or rent one due to the long-term cost benefits. Leasing, rather than renting or buying an office copier, is the most common practice in business, but many people still have questions about the ins and outs of the leasing process and its […]

5 Tips for Working Securely From Home

Working from home can be preferable to working from the office for many reasons: no commute, more time in the day, better ability to focus on your tasks, et cetera. However, working from home also poses unique challenges that you may not have considered when working from the office. As more and more companies are […]

How C3 Tech Can Help You Set Up Remote Work

During this new normal, companies that have never operated remotely are now being forced to quickly figure out a way to make it feasible. While remote working solutions are now easier than ever thanks to modern technology, there are still quite a few kinks that will likely need to be worked out when you first […]

Why Every Business Needs Network Monitoring

Modern businesses in Santa Ana are almost universally reliant on their internal computer networks to be productive. No matter how large or small your company may be, network failures, server crashes, or service downtimes can threaten a business’s livelihood and cut into the bottom line. This means that network monitoring services that can identify and […]

Signs Your Office Copier Needs Servicing

If you’re a business owner in Santa Ana, you know how valuable your office’s copier is to your success. Without a copier, you can’t scan or print documents to create the vital memos, forms, and papers that you need to keep your business running. Like any other piece of technology, however, office copiers in Santa […]

What To Do After a Network Crash

For most modern businesses, having a reliable and functioning computer network is the most critical part of their success. Unfortunately, even the most reliable networks can suffer from unexpected issues or crashes. In these moments, the most important thing is that you know what to do and how to handle the stress of the situation. […]

The Importance of Document Management Services

In this modern digital age, proper record-keeping and documentation have never been more important. While it may seem like something that a Santa Ana business can put on the back burner, letting document management fall to the wayside can have severe repercussions. Aside from ensuring that businesses stay organized and run smoothly, there are numerous […]

Office Copier Features to Consider When Purchasing

Despite the increasingly digital nature of the average Santa Ana office environment, physical documentation and copying is still a critical component of office work. However, every business will have different requirements for printing and photocopying, depending on what that business does. Here are some of the most important features to consider when choosing what office […]

The Importance of IT Support for Small Businesses

Small business owners face a wide range of challenges, from budgeting to insufficient staff and client management. The last thing that you should need to worry about is the reliability of your IT. Managed IT services are a valuable tool for small businesses to utilize because it allows small business owners to focus on what’s […]