C3 Tech Employee Spotlight: Sandra Magazzu

This month C3 Tech honors their Contract Billing Specialist, Sandra Magazzu as the employee of the month. In the tradition, Sandra shared details about her career growth story, where she finds joy in everyday work, and the newest four-legged addition to their family.

Sandra began her career at Xerox “..as a Customer Administration Representative on the California State & Local Government Team.” Sandra has openly expressed how much she enjoyed working with Xerox and the wealth of knowledge she gained with her time there. “I worked there for 11 years and 7 months and I LOVED IT.”

Sandra’s passion and drive was noticed and she was promoted to a high-level position. “Later, I was in Remittance Processing depositing all payments on the West Coast from around the nation!” The nuances of making sure large payments from across the country were processed and reconciled correctly became second nature to Sandra and she realized she could grow further in her career.

“Then, I joined Toshiba America Business Solutions where I started as a Senior Billing Analyst.” Discussing the next chapter of her professional journey at Toshiba, Sandra shared how her role and responsibilities grew.

“After being a Senior Billing Analyst, I was then promoted to Supervisor and then onto Manager of Contract Billing & Customer Service.” Sandra couldn’t hold herself back, “I spent 18 years there and I LOVED IT…. As Manager, I had a staff of 5 direct reports and 7 indirect reports.”

It’s easy to see Sandra has a natural ability to build relationships and establish trust with peers. Being in an AR/AP position requires ethics and integrity, all of which Sandra demonstrates each and every day with every human interaction.

“After I left Toshiba, I came to work at C3 Tech. THE BEST……” She started in July of 2016 and showed she is capable of the next position within 6 months. “At C3 Tech, I started as a CSR and was then promoted to Contract Billing Specialist in Jan 2017.”

Her lightning fast career trajectory at C3 Tech is a clear indication of Sandra’s focus and attitude to get things done.

“I achieve success when our External and Internal Customers are happy.” Her simple message is at the core of her work ethic. “Anytime I talk about C3 Tech, I present them as the Best Company for all Document Solutions.”

Sandra recognizes that there are many moving parts in an organization that works well and appreciates the importance of every role at C3 Tech. “Sales and Service does a great job of bringing in new business relationships, and I take great joy in maintaining those excellent relationships.” When digging a little deeper on the specifics of her role, she elaborated, “Our clients expect accurate and timely invoicing, and this directly leads to cash flow and revenue for our company.”

Sandra has spent 15 years on the board of her HOA, helping the community and building trust with her neighbors. She and her husband enjoy spending time with friends, going to restaurants and attending church service. They recently grew their family with a Havapoo (Havanese Poodle) named Zuzu who is only 10 weeks old!