Printer Security Checklist: How to Stop Threats at the MFP

Printer Security Checklist: How to Stop Threats at the MFP

Today's headlines are filled with news of cyberattacks, designed to leverage any vulnerability, whether they be human or technical. Today's intelligent multifunction printers (MFP)s have evolved to touch various types of business communications, networks, and data storage services.
Managed IT Services Orange County C3 Tech in Irvine CA

Managed IT Services Orange County, CA

You may have heard of managed IT services, but what are they? In this digital age, the options for keeping your business connected and running are vast. Whether it’s through network connectivity, remote collaboration, file access, or dark web protection, there are virtually endless aspects of information technology to worry about in order to....

Cyber Safety Tips: Don’t Become a Data Hostage

Working with a trusted company to keep your files protected is crucial, educating yourself is paramount. Here are a few more strategies your remote workforce can implement to ensure home offices are as secure as possible.
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What is Ransomware?: The Cost of Downtime

2020 saw hundreds of thousands of office workers across the…