Printer Security Checklist: How to Stop Threats at the MFP

Printer Security Checklist: How to Stop Threats at the MFP

Today's headlines are filled with news of cyberattacks, designed to leverage any vulnerability, whether they be human or technical. Today's intelligent multifunction printers (MFP)s have evolved to touch various types of business communications, networks, and data storage services.
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C3 Tech Data Backups and Data Protection

4 Tips for Protecting Your Data

Increased malware and ransomware attacks have both individuals and businesses prioritizing data security. These simple steps can help better position users to protect crucial data and reduce the chances of information falling into the wrong hands...
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Technology Solutions Designed to Aid Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have faced unprecedented challenges over the last year. The regular duties of juggling client needs, working within budget restrictions, and keeping up with compliance regulations, are complex enough. But there have been the unique challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic to make these matters harder.