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Remote Work

During this new normal, companies that have never operated remotely are now being forced to quickly figure out a way to make it feasible. While remote working solutions are now easier than ever thanks to modern technology, there are still quite a few kinks that will likely need to be worked out when you first switch to a new method of operation. Luckily, C3 Tech is here to help you through this difficult time and assist you in making the transition to remote working. From managed IT services to cybersecurity training for employees, here are just a few ways that we can help you get set up and get back to work quickly.

VPN and Connectivity

Having employees work from home means that they’ll need to have constant, remote access to files that were otherwise available to them in the office. This most often means having secure access to documents and files stored on a company server. C3 Tech has everything you need to get equipped for remote working and secure file access, including document management, off-site data storage, and managed IT services. We can scan and index any physical files that need to be digitized and made available for remote workers. We can also make a backup of all data for quick recovery in case of a remote work emergency. Finally, we offer comprehensive managed IT services with expert support, so you can avoid any significant downtime due to technical difficulties.

Cloud Collaboration

Collaborative working doesn’t have to stop just because everyone’s working at home. Utilizing cloud-based software such as the Office 365 suite allows team members to work together on a single document in real-time. Instantaneous file-sharing controls, real-time co-authoring capabilities, and even remote presentations are just a few of the benefits of Office 365. The team at C3 Tech can help you download and set up whatever programs you need to continue working effectively as a team from anywhere in Southern California.

Remote Work

Remote Conferencing and Communications

Communication is more important than ever now that everyone’s working from home. Being able to receive calls from employees as well as customers is crucial to business operations, which is why C3 Tech offers VoIP services for all clients. C3’s VoIP services make it possible to answer work calls from your laptop or cell phone, so you can access your business line with no hassle. Our expert staff will install all necessary hardware or software, and we’ll provide any training needed to make the transition worry-free. Make sure your team is always in touch with remote video conferencing and phone services enabled by C3 Tech.

vCIO Consultations

During this uncertain time, we’re providing all clients with the opportunity for virtual Chief Information Officer consultations to discuss business continuity. We’ll go over plans for data backup, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection to ensure strong network security and give you peace of mind. C3 Tech is here to help you in whatever way we can.

If you’re currently transitioning to a remote work operation and you’d like professional assistance in the process, give us a call at (714) 689-1700. We’ll perform a network assessment and determine the next steps within your budget. 

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Modern businesses in Santa Ana are almost universally reliant on their internal computer networks to be productive. No matter how large or small your company may be, network failures, server crashes, or service downtimes can threaten a business’s livelihood and cut into the bottom line. This means that network monitoring services that can identify and avoid these pitfalls are incredibly important. When properly used, monitoring services can detect slow and failing components, such as monitors, routers, firewalls, servers, and software. If you’re not sure that you can independently handle network monitoring for your business, C3 Tech’s IT monitoring services can handle these issues on your behalf. Here are just a few of the reasons why proper network monitoring is so critical for a business’s success. But what does this service do for you?


Network monitoring adds another layer of cybersecurity to your business, preventing intrusions from unfamiliar devices that attempt to connect to the network. It can also help prevent your employees from accessing potentially harmful websites that can infect your network with malware. Network visibility is critical to creating a “map” of your business’s devices and network nodes, so you can know what is happening where. 

Maintaining Productivity

Network outages mean a heavy hit to a business’s bottom line, whether you’re a small business or a major enterprise. With network monitoring, you can anticipate or avert network outages and address problems proactively rather than reactively. This can help reduce overall risks to your business as well as reduce the workload on your IT team or IT service provider. 

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Network monitoring can help drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to troubleshoot any problems. With network monitoring, you should have a set of benchmark data for your network’s normal performance parameters, such as data upload and download speeds, server lag, and more. If you detect any abnormalities with your network, monitoring can enable you to trace them back to their root cause more quickly and effectively. 

Planning For The Future

With proper network monitoring, you can detect if a particular piece of hardware is behind multiple network failures and identify it for future replacement. Proper network monitoring also enables you to add new devices seamlessly as your business expands, rather than having to go through the trouble of integrating them in different ways every single time. 

Monitoring Usage Trends

With network monitoring, you can also determine which parts of your system are being overused and which are being underused. If your business is dependent on a web portal for customer service, for instance, you can identify the peaks and valleys of usage and allocate resources to give your users a better experience. You can also track how specific applications are used and identify what is popular with different groups or locations. 

If you are looking for trustworthy monitoring or IT outsourcing service in Santa Ana, you can put your faith in C3 Tech. Our managed IT services, network security, data recovery, and more all ensure that your business’s network will be healthy and reliable no matter how much you use it. With network monitoring from C3 Tech, you’ll be able to focus on your business’s core competencies rather than having to worry about your IT needs. Call us today at (714) 689-1700, and we can discuss your Santa Ana company’s IT requirements. To learn more, visit our network security page!

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For most modern businesses, having a reliable and functioning computer network is the most critical part of their success. Unfortunately, even the most reliable networks can suffer from unexpected issues or crashes. In these moments, the most important thing is that you know what to do and how to handle the stress of the situation. These are the actions we consider to be the most important for handling a network crash at your Santa Ana business. Luckily, C3 Tech offers Managed IT services and knows just how to respond to these situations.

  1. Stay calm. 

Panicking will obviously not help anyone in this situation. Your managers and peers need to see you handle the crash in a calm and professional manner. At the same time, you shouldn’t be nonchalant or lackadaisical about the crash. You need to have a level head, but also be eager to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible, whether that means data backup and recovery or hardware replacement.

  1. Be prepared.

Have your tech support resources, such as contact information and web portals, readily accessible. It’s important that you don’t just save this information on your servers, as these servers could be the very reason behind the network crash. Instead, have a paper copy as well for the sake of redundancy. Getting in touch with your managed IT service provider like C3 Tech can quickly remove the headaches of dealing with a crash. This lets you focus on answering the concerns of your employees while we address the issue and perform data recovery.

  1. Manage user expectations. 

In situations where you can identify how long it will take to fix the issue, communicate these estimations to your team, but be realistic about it. If it’s going to take you an hour to finish data backup, tell your users this rather than repeatedly promising an unrealistically short timeframe. If you’re not sure how long it will take you to recover from the crash, tell your users what you do know and update them as you go along.

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  1. Know where to get replacement parts locally. 

Working with a local company that is knowledgeable and maintains a good stock of spare parts or units can let you quickly replace any defective equipment rather than waiting days for it to be shipped. If possible, have an account set up that lets you order replacement parts as quickly as possible. 

  1. Keep track of what you do. 

When attempting a fix or data recovery, take notes on what you do and what changes you make. These notes can help you document the exact problem and will make it easier for you to backtrack in case you need to try something different. It can also be useful if you have another crash in the future, serving as a procedure checklist if the problem repeats itself. 

  1. Test repeatedly. 

After you think you’ve solved the problem, test your solution multiple times. Do so from a user perspective, such as a workstation or terminal, to make sure that your fix has gone out and impacted your full workforce. 

  1. Document the problem for the future. 

After you’ve resolved the crash, compile your notes on the causes behind the crash and steps you took to resolve it so that you have a reference for the future. Even if the exact issue never occurs again, you will still have a point of reference for any other similar problems, should they arise. This will also be useful if you’re out of the office and someone else has to resolve the crash and perform data backup.

If you’d like to have a managed IT service provider that can handle network crashes for you, you can trust the professionals at C3 Tech. Our data backup and recovery services can help you get past unexpected issues with minimal interruption to your business’s workflow, and our My C3 web portal provides constant monitoring for network issues. We also provide office technology solutions, employee cyber-security training, and much more. If you’re interested in our network crash assistance, data recovery, or other Managed IT services for your Santa Ana business, give us a call at (714) 689-1700.

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In this modern digital age, proper record-keeping and documentation have never been more important. While it may seem like something that a Santa Ana business can put on the back burner, letting document management fall to the wayside can have severe repercussions. Aside from ensuring that businesses stay organized and run smoothly, there are numerous laws and regulations at the state and federal levels that require proper documentation by businesses. For example, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, or SOX, is a federal law that places several requirements on public company boards and accounting firms concerning the maintenance and storage of their documents. Penalties for violating this act can range from fines to jail time for those that fail to comply. Even if you aren’t in danger of violating laws, losing records costs both time and money, so protecting and managing your data is critical no matter what.

For this reason, many businesses choose to partner with a document management service that can handle their record and information management programs rather than go it alone. A proper document management service should be able to handle documents throughout their entire lifespan, from uploading and storage to retention and secure destruction solutions. It should also be secure against outside intrusion or hacking attempts, as well as easy to use and train employees on. 

The first and largest benefit of a good document management service is having a timely and effective method of accessing your business’s files, day or night. Even if your internal IT team is busy with other tasks, a third-party document management service will be available to help you. With C3 Tech, you have access to a 24/7 monitoring desk that can help ensure that your document management systems are always running properly. 

Another major benefit of having a data management service is that you can have off-site storage separate from your business and the physical location of its servers. This redundancy means that even if your offices suffer from a natural disaster like a fire, flood, or earthquake, your business’s documents will still survive. This lets you focus on getting your business back on its feet rather than worrying that all of your paperwork survived. 

Lastly, by partnering with a document management service, you can have a customized plan tailor-made for the needs of your business. An accounting firm will have different document management requirements than a healthcare provider, for example. By using a data management service rather than an out-of-the-box system, your service provider can alter and customize elements of your document management programs to your unique needs. 

If you need a trustworthy document management service, you can rely on the professionals at C3 Tech. We partner with businesses in Santa Ana and the rest of Orange County to fulfill their IT and office technology needs, including document management, cybersecurity, and office copier requirements. With over two decades of experience and 300 different business partners across Orange County, we’ve consistently proven our ability to advance and protect the interests of our customers. If you would like to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, call us at (714) 689-1700 today. 

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Small business owners face a wide range of challenges, from budgeting to insufficient staff and client management. The last thing that you should need to worry about is the reliability of your IT Support. Managed IT services are a valuable tool for small businesses to utilize because it allows small business owners to focus on what’s most important while saving money and increasing productivity and efficiency. 

Enhance Your Business Security

Business security is perhaps the most important aspect of managed IT services for a small business to utilize. Cybercriminals go after companies of all sizes, and small businesses are usually financially devastated by such attacks if they’re successful. Implementing a strong security strategy and eliminating obvious vulnerabilities will help you ward off malware, hacking, and other potential cybersecurity threats. C3 Tech’s cybersecurity training, dark web monitoring, network security services, and data backup plans are all effective ways to help ensure that your company stays safe and secure from data or security breaches of any kind. 

Get Exactly What You Need

Managed IT services are tailored solutions that fit your business’s specific needs. Choosing plans that offer you more than you need will cost you more money than you need to spend, and plans that are too small for your business can leave you susceptible to security breaches or slow IT response times. Here at C3 Tech, we manage all of your IT services and keep them at peak operation for a flat-rate fee, so you can focus your efforts on spurring your revenues to grow. Our custom packages are tailored to fit any business size or budget, and our flat-rate fee means that you’ll never be unexpectedly charged more for network errors or server failures. When it comes to managed IT services, reliability is what you need to succeed.

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Increase Productivity

Having the right technology and having that technology work properly are two things needed to increase a company’s efficiency and productivity. When your technology stops working or starts working less efficiently than usual, your employee’s work output and your profit suffer as a result. Maintenance, repairs, and IT support are key for keeping your company running at optimal efficiency. No matter what time or day it is, even holidays, a managed IT service support team will always be there to monitor your operation. Small businesses can’t afford to be offline and unable to work for hours or days at a time. Here at C3 Tech, we completely understand that, which is why we’re always here for you, no matter what the problem is. 

Looking for an office technology company? C3 Tech is the best IT company in Santa Ana! Our team of certified technicians services data backup offers comprehensive tech solutions and can help you get cutting-edge office equipment. Customers love our IT services because they’re quick, helpful, and always available for your business. Whether your servers need a backup service or you need new office technology equipment, we can do it all. Choose from our stellar VoIP services, tech solutions, dark web scanning, security services, managed print services, and other web services. Get the best office technology your business deserves!

Small businesses need to make IT support a priority in order to maximize efficiency and spur financial growth. It’s an investment that makes doing business easier and gives you peace of mind. Spend less time worrying about IT nightmares and more time focusing on how to help your company succeed. Managed IT services from C3 Tech will take care of everything for you with custom packages that are tailored to your company’s technological needs and available budget. To find out more about C3’s range of IT services, including managed IT, give us a call today at (714) 689-1700.