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Benefits of VoIP Services for Small Businesses

Santa Ana VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services allows businesses and their employees to make and receive calls using a broadband internet connection rather than a standard phone line. Through this type of technology, speech can be used as a form of digital packaging that can be stored, searched, copied, combined with other data, and distributed to any device connected to the Internet. 

At C3 Tech, we specialize in VoIP technology and software so your Santa Ana business can keep up with current or future work details. Especially during these unprecedented times, VoIP services are greatly beneficial for working remotely. Through our experience in handling VoIP, these benefits have greatly improved small businesses for the better through the use of VoIP:

VoIP Systems Cost-Effectiveness

One of the cost benefits of our VoIP services is the limited costs on hardware and software needed to operate the business systems. Purchasing additional infrastructure and phones is not required when you choose to use VoIP services. Moreover, VoIP services will help you save money by cutting down domestic and international calls. Through our VoIP services, businesses throughout Orange County cities, such as Santa Ana, won’t have to maintain separate networks for data and phones. With video conferencing, or teleconferencing, your business can eliminate the need for your employees to travel to the office when they’re on fieldwork.


If you have access to the internet, you can instantly use C3 Tech’s VoIP services anywhere. Connected through multiple devices, including phones, tablets, computers, and multifunction printers, businesses can make and receive calls from colleagues or clients from other domestic and international businesses easily. VoIP also allows you to transfer calls to your colleagues without having customers contact a different number. In the event you or your business are required to change locations, our VoIP services allow you to easily transfer or save your data from one location to another.

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Simplified Conferencing

Traditional phone systems end up charging businesses additional fees to host multiple callers or lines whenever you need to conference. C3 Tech’s VoIP services help eliminate the issue with “phone tagging” — where multiple people are trying to contact one another, but are unable to get a hold of each other. Not only that, but our VoIP services will also improve your video conferencing experience.

Easy Integration with Other Business Systems

At C3 Tech, our managed IT services can help accommodate your local Orange County business by enhancing your operational performance. We can integrate VoIP with a wide variety of other business systems while allowing users to connect from home offices and abroad. Through communicating with customers and clients, our services also modify your existing calls and messages — whether through Outlook or any other email systems — and transfer them to another location easily.

Network Flexibility 

Through C3 Tech’s VoIP services, your business’ IT team will be glad to know that its underlying network won’t need any specific technological layout. C3 Tech’s managed IT services help your business builds a foundation in expanding your business’ networking without any technical issues. The expansion will also affect your ethernet connection, synchronous optical networking (SONET), ATM, or WiFi. Any hassles with traditional phone networking are eliminated — allowing other systems to be implemented that supports all types of communication while requiring less management of equipment and software used.

Aside from our VoIP services, C3 Tech also offers managed print services, as well as opportunities to lease all-in-one printers for Santa Ana businesses looking for the latest in advanced office technology. Depending on what your business operation is we can help you find the best copier and multifunction printer to lease on through our managed IT services. Whether you’re looking for the latest in VoIP technology for your Santa Ana business or a multifunction print, C3 Tech is here for you. To get started today, call us at (714) 689-1700.

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Signs That Your VoIP System Has Been Hacked

VoIP System security

When most people think of hacking, they think of phishing emails and computer hijacking. Very few people consider that their phone systems could be hacked. However, VoIP hacking is possible and fairly common, so it’s important to be able to identify the most common signs of a hacked VoIP system. The more quickly you can identify these signs, the more quickly you can notify your managed IT services provider and save your company’s money and data.

Sudden Increase in Bills

When hackers get into a VoIP system, they’ll likely begin to make calls to premium-rate phone numbers using your line. This will result in a significant increase in your monthly phone bills. If you haven’t added any new phone lines or numbers, then your bill should stay about the same month-to-month. If you notice a sudden rise in your bill, you should alert your phone provider as it’s likely that someone has hacked your system and is making unauthorized calls. 

Antivirus Pop-ups

Another sign of a VoIP hack is if your employees suddenly receive pop-ups for antivirus software on their computers. Since VoIPs use your Internet network to connect to devices, hackers can utilize this to create phishing notifications on a corporate computer when the VoIP system is on. If one of these antivirus pop-ups appears, warn employees to never click on it. Notify your managed IT services provider, such as C3 Tech, and they will shut down the network to scan for any malware.

Irregular Call History

Similarly to an increased phone bill, another sign of a hacked VoIP system is an irregular call history. If you suspect that your VoIP system has been hacked, you can ask your IT services provider for a call history report. Identifying any unknown numbers or suspicious locations will help you figure out whether your devices have been hacked, although this will likely need to be confirmed with the support of another indicator such as increased phone bills or suspicious computer activity.

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Webcams Turn On Automatically

One suspicious computer activity that can be a sign of a hacked VoIP system is webcams or microphones turning on automatically. This is commonly associated with computer hacking, but it can indicate VoIP hacking as well. Hackers listen in on phone calls or conference calls by illegally accessing these devices in order to obtain sensitive or confidential business information. If you notice that your webcam or microphone is acting strangely, it’s always wise to notify your managed IT services provider and allow them to check your system for hacking.

To ensure that your employees and your company data stays protected, it’s imperative that you implement managed IT services that can protect you against hacking of all types. C3 Tech’s managed IT services come with 24/7 network monitoring and emergency response services that never cost more than your monthly flat-rate fee. Part of what makes C3 Tech’s IT services so exceptional is that we are always available to you, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. For VoIP services and managed IT services that you can trust, get started with C3 Tech. Give us a call today at (714) 689-1700 to speak with one of our specialists about which services are best for your Southern California business.

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How C3 Tech Can Help You Set Up Remote Work

Remote Work

During this new normal, companies that have never operated remotely are now being forced to quickly figure out a way to make it feasible. While remote working solutions are now easier than ever thanks to modern technology, there are still quite a few kinks that will likely need to be worked out when you first switch to a new method of operation. Luckily, C3 Tech is here to help you through this difficult time and assist you in making the transition to remote working. From managed IT services to cybersecurity training for employees, here are just a few ways that we can help you get set up and get back to work quickly.

VPN and Connectivity

Having employees work from home means that they’ll need to have constant, remote access to files that were otherwise available to them in the office. This most often means having secure access to documents and files stored on a company server. C3 Tech has everything you need to get equipped for remote working and secure file access, including document management, off-site data storage, and managed IT services. We can scan and index any physical files that need to be digitized and made available for remote workers. We can also make a backup of all data for quick recovery in case of a remote work emergency. Finally, we offer comprehensive managed IT services with expert support, so you can avoid any significant downtime due to technical difficulties.

Cloud Collaboration

Collaborative working doesn’t have to stop just because everyone’s working at home. Utilizing cloud-based software such as the Office 365 suite allows team members to work together on a single document in real-time. Instantaneous file-sharing controls, real-time co-authoring capabilities, and even remote presentations are just a few of the benefits of Office 365. The team at C3 Tech can help you download and set up whatever programs you need to continue working effectively as a team from anywhere in Southern California.

Remote Work

Remote Conferencing and Communications

Communication is more important than ever now that everyone’s working from home. Being able to receive calls from employees as well as customers is crucial to business operations, which is why C3 Tech offers VoIP services for all clients. C3’s VoIP services make it possible to answer work calls from your laptop or cell phone, so you can access your business line with no hassle. Our expert staff will install all necessary hardware or software, and we’ll provide any training needed to make the transition worry-free. Make sure your team is always in touch with remote video conferencing and phone services enabled by C3 Tech.

vCIO Consultations

During this uncertain time, we’re providing all clients with the opportunity for virtual Chief Information Officer consultations to discuss business continuity. We’ll go over plans for data backup, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection to ensure strong network security and give you peace of mind. C3 Tech is here to help you in whatever way we can.

If you’re currently transitioning to a remote work operation and you’d like professional assistance in the process, give us a call at (714) 689-1700. We’ll perform a network assessment and determine the next steps within your budget.