What’s Wrong With My Copy Machine: Common Copier Issues BLog

What’s Wrong With My Copy Machine: Common Copier Issues

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ve probably asked yourself, “what is wrong with my copier?” or “why won’t my copy machine print?” Copy machines are a source of workplace frustration worldwide. C3 Tech knows that office copier issues can cause productivity to grind to a halt, so we work quickly to address these issues for our clients. To give you a better understanding of common copier problems, here are some of the most common issues they face.

  • Toner Problems
    • 99% of the time, if your printed material has lines, spots, or splotches, it’s not a toner issue. What usually occurs is small particles become trapped in the internal belt or on the glass inside the machine. Wrinkles or scratches on this belt can also be the culprit. This issue requires our technician to open the machine, remove the belt, and either clean or replace that part.
    • When the issue actually is toner-related, the fix is simple. Modern copiers are pretty good at giving warnings when toner levels are low or empty, so this issue is easy to monitor. If toner or ink cartridges are empty, a simple replacement should fix the issue. However, most copy machines need specific toner cartridges. If you try to use an incompatible cartridge, your print quality will suffer, or the device will not print at all.
  • Paper Jams
    • Paper jams are the most common issue copiers encounter. This usually occurs when a stack of paper is loaded incorrectly into the paper tray. Before loading paper, make sure all sheets are flat and have no folds or creases. Keep the stack of paper as tight as possible to make sure the copier can select a sheet in the correct position.
    • When paper is improperly inserted or does not lie flat, the feeder will crumple it into the internal mechanism. This results in the copier no longer functioning, which means delayed meetings or extended deadlines. Paper jams require someone to remove the jammed paper, reload the correctly sized paper, and/or realign the paper in the tray. Paper bits and dust can also clog machines and cause paper jams. The best way to avoid paper dust is to keep the machine clean. During service calls, our technicians wipe the feed tires and vacuum away dust built up inside the copier to prevent jams in the future.
  • Misprints
    • When documents are faded, contain lines, or have uneven ink dispersal, it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause. This issue can occur for many reasons, so finding a solution will probably need the knowledge and skill of a certified C3 technician. Sources for this copy machine problem include:
      • Foreign objects obscuring the scanner glass or mirrors
      • Drum unit or developer unit malfunctions
      • Fuser issues
    • We resolve the first issue by removing interferences and cleaning the scanner glass and mirrors. Note: we only use recommended cleaners on our copiers; avoid using water, hand sanitizer, or any other unapproved substance on your machines.
    • Problems with light and dark copies result from an imbalance in the density controls on the copier. It’s also possible that the drum reached the end of its work-life or that the toner has gone bad. Some aftermarket toners are not up to manufacturer codes and can cause light density issues. This is why C3 Tech sets up toner monitoring, so all our clients get manufacturer-certified toner before they run out.
  • Waste Container Issues
    • Your copier includes a waste container where used toner collects for disposal. Almost all copiers will stop running when waste containers are full. Check your waste containers often and replace them as needed. Since C3 Tech cannot monitor this accessory, contact us immediately if you notice the waste container nearing maximum capacity.
  • Foreign Objects
    • Printers can throw codes if small items enter the unit. If you notice an error code or the printer malfunctioning, call C3 Tech. Our technicians will check for staples, paperclips, or other small items that can get lodged in the copier’s interior. These can be particularly damaging if they come into contact with circuit boards (which function as the copier’s brain). In most cases, small bits will end up in less serious places and cause the device to emit an error code.

Though it may seem like copier issues can vary widely, a quick call to C3 Tech’s service technicians can often resolve the issues in a matter of minutes. In minor cases, our technicians will guide you through the repair process over the phone to save you time and money. If the issue is more serious, our team can arrive in under four hours to get your office copy machine back online and functioning.

Copiers are complex, but there’s no need to stress over maintenance. Our team will update you with the replacement timelines for vital parts and software updates to avoid wear and tear. If your copier is acting up, it is always best to contact C3 Tech immediately for same-day service. Many elements in your copier need monitoring to keep your copier or printer functioning efficiently, and because of this, C3 Tech offers all clients Managed Print Services for the duration of their lease. Are you a current client? Place a service call for your copiers here today!