Copiers vs Multifunction Printers

Multifunction Printers

If you’re a business owner in Santa Ana, do you think it’s time to replace or upgrade your old office copier with multifunction printers? Not sure whether to upgrade to a multifunction printer? While both are essential pieces of technology in an office space, it’s important to know the difference between a copy machine and a multifunction printer. At C3 Tech, we can help you answer these questions by going with these key factors associated with operating these pieces of office equipment:


While a standard copier can only produce copies, a multifunction printer can make office copies, print, scan, fax, and perform other tasks. A multifunction printer allows you to do almost everything in the most convenient way. Depending on what your business needs on a daily basis, both the copier and multifunction printer are able to produce high-quality printed materials.


Before choosing the right device for your business, you need to first consider the intended use. If you’re making over a thousand copies in a month, the office copier has the advantage over the multifunction printer in speed performance. If your Santa Ana business is only producing a few copies or a couple of dozen per week, the multifunction printer is the best choice to efficiently and effectively produce the results your business needs.

Office copiers and printers also take a minute or two to warm up after being turned on. Although the startup time differs between the two technologies, if your office copier takes more than five minutes to get prepared for use, it’s probably time to lease a multifunction printer.

Ease of Use

In the past years, multifunction printers have progressively become more user-friendly when compared to when it first came out. Multifunction printers are now programmed with the user experience in mind, with either producing a copy or scanning something can be done through a single press of a button. Meanwhile, office copiers carry a variety of settings and buttons that could turn a simple copying task into a convoluted task. 

woman using Multifunction Printers

Popular Usage

Due to its wide variety of features and functions, a lot of businesses in Santa Ana and the Orange County area have transitioned from using the traditional office copiers to using multifunction printers. The only time office copiers are relevant is when a business needs to deal with heavy-duty print jobs. With the popular usage of multifunctional printers in the past few years, C3 Tech offers a convenient way for businesses to lease multifunction printers.


Whether your business is leasing on an office copier or multifunction printer, the difference comes into its cost; which can range to the thousands if your business chooses to go for a high-end model of either one. With the multifunction printer, the biggest price difference compared to the copier comes from the type of ink used — with inkjet printers being more expensive to its copier counterparts since inkjet printer cartridges are more expensive to operate. 

Understanding the Overall Difference Between a Copier vs A Printer

Once you understand the way multifunction printers and office copiers differ in their functions, speed, ease of use, popular usage, and costs, you can determine which technology would be best suited for your business. Businesses are most likely to lease on copy machines if the business only needs to produce over a hundred copies of the same document in a week. If you decide to lease a multifunction printer, you are looking for something convenient with widespread usage for your business.

If you’re interested in leasing either multifunction printers or office copiers in Santa Ana and its surrounding area, C3 Tech can help point you in the right direction. At C3 Tech, we offer you recommendations on choosing the right copier or multifunction printer. Moreover, you’ll have the option to either lease copiers or lease multifunction printers. This option allows you to purchase upfront for your preferred technology or enter into a lease agreement so you can pay it off monthly. Give us a call at (714) 689-1700 and we can help you optimize your business’ technology and software systems.