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How Do I Keep My Data Safe On The Internet?

It’s no April Fool’s joke; cyberattacks are on the rise. With more people working remotely, data security has become paramount across every industry. Learn how to keep your and your business’s data safe with this helpful guide.

Analyze Your Emails

Phishing emails can fool even the most tech-savvy user. Often, they replicate emails from trusted names or use a fake (but similar) email address to deceive you. Phishing emails often fail to replicate the tone of the sender. If you think the message is different than what you would expect to receive, contact that person directly and verify that they’ve emailed you. If it’s a brand, make sure that the email address matches their corporate website. Take a second to analyze the email before clicking any links to avoid potential cybersecurity dangers. Now more than ever, data safety is vital for workers at home and in the office.

Have a Plan in Place

Cybercrimes have been steadily rising as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated. It can be nearly impossible to manage and keep up with the latest trends when seeking to avoid cyber attacks. That is why your business needs a clear, comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Companies like C3 Tech can formulate plans to keep your employees and data safe.

Cyber Security Training

Business security is a vital aspect of managed IT services. Cybercriminals go after companies of all sizes, and small businesses can be financially devastated by such attacks if they are successful. A strong security strategy and can eliminate obvious vulnerabilities and help you ward off malware, hacking, and other threats. C3 Tech’s cybersecurity training, data safety, dark web monitoring, network security services, and data backup plans help ensure that your company stays safe.

Backup Your Data

29% of cyberattacked businesses lose revenue. In business, time is money, and extensive downtime will inevitably result in lost profits. Having access to a backup of your data can eliminate significant downtime caused by a data loss incident. If you want to ensure that your data is safe and recoverable, call C3 Tech to discuss a data backup and recovery plan. We can customize your plan to suit your business’s needs.

Consider Managed IT Services

Why are managed IT services better? We have access to resources and tools that can centralize your data while keeping it secure. C3 Tech is a platinum partner with Datto, a leading global provider of cloud-based software and technology solutions. With a team of experts with cutting-edge software, you can rest assured your data, documents, and credentials stay safe and secure. 

Want to save money while maximizing IT operations? Consider managed IT services! C3 Tech is a trusted partner with many Orange County businesses, protecting them from cyber-attacks and data theft. Our experts can help your business with network monitoring, dark web protection, cybersecurity training, data safety, and other managed services. To learn more about these services, call us today at (714) 689-1700 or email us at