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Global Network Infrastructure Trends are Getting SaaS-y and Demand Better Collaboration

SAAS SoftwareGlobal Network Infrastructure Trends are Getting SaaS-y and Demand Better Collaboration

When Software as a Service (SaaS) first started being adopted, many critics saw it as a cash grab or way to build paywalls around special software features. However, over time, use and application has revealed the truth: SaaS provides businesses a way to use powerful software and business tools at a level that they truly need, with a clear path for scaling their platform as the business grows.

SaaS has shown to be a huge boon for businesses. In fact, the annual industry spend over the last few years on SaaS has significantly outpaced other service based platforms and models including DaaS (Desktop Service) and IaaS (Cloud System Infrastructure Service). At an industry valuation of $176 billion already, 2022 is shaping up to be the year with the most investment in this quickly growing industry. Which makes sense, since SaaS has been experiencing explosive market growth since the pandemic and ‘work from home’ became the norm.

Over 25 years of industry experience means C3 Tech has solutions for any size Orange County business that is looking for increased network capacity, managed IT services, multi-function printer sales and service, or cybersecurity. The SaaS providers that C3 Tech partners with gives Orange County tech companies the ability to scale their businesses to the next level with local, personalized, world class service.

Over the next few years the expert analysts at C3 Tech anticipate 4 specific trends in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry that they feel all business owners should be aware of:

Flexible and Modular Collaboration Software Takes The Stage

Numerous reports are showing that more than two thirds of the full time workforce in America is now working from home. How can these teams continue to collaborate together while physically being in remote locations? Enter collaboration software. This category of SaaS is growing rapidly as remote teams -working on platforms scaled for small companies and enterprise corporations alike- look for ways to make workflow easier, more efficient, and more fun.

Collaboration software needs to be modular and flexible, allowing teams to add and drop features they may or may not need as businesses enter scaling and growth phases. Bringing remote teams together used to be a serious challenge, with call quality and network slowdowns constantly putting up barriers. However, with today’s advances in internet capabilities and network infrastructure, a client across the globe can feel like a next door neighbor.

In the future, it will remain crucial that collaboration software for enterprise and small business remains accessible, keeps an approach that keeps the needs of teams first, and stays feature rich providing the greatest benefits and most value to businesses who choose to scale using SaaS.

Martech Becomes Focused and Affordable

Gone are the days of product demos and lengthy sales cycles. These days, being locked into contracts and forced to sit through demonstrations before seeing anything in action is a waste of resources. Easily accessible design options and subscription based tools that allow anyone to make simple imagery for blogs or newsletters means accessible martech is a trend that is quickly developing.

Even boutique martech companies have clear and transparent pricing now, where services and features used to be hidden around paywalls and commission structures. Keeping things simple has worked well for the martech industry and rather than overcomplicating a client’s problem with dozens of solutions, they focus on executing one strategy well.

SEO companies are also increasing in searches, making martech and the personalized strategies they offer a possible option. Again, subscription based SEO software gives teams the ability to take on the research role, infuse copy with keywords needed for rankings, and move martech strategy onto a more specialized marketing initiative.

Micro-SaaS and Niche Vertical Software Demands Rise

This particular trend is fascinating, because it demonstrates how customized solutions and tailored strategies continue to triumph over a one-size-fits-all approach. Micro-SaaS is a growing trend that involves taking larger enterprise level SaaS software and designing a niche platform for a specific solution.

As an example, years ago a small grocery retailer would need to have inventory management software custom programmed for them, which could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, that same company can pay $100 a month or less for software that has very similar features. However, suppose this same small grocery store only stocks fresh organic locally grown fruit that goes bad within days and the inventory software needs to have the ability to relay what produce is going bad and when. A $100 a month solution may not have this niche feature and, in this particular instance, that feature is critically important to the survival of the business.

Niche vertical software and micro-SaaS show serious promise for growth as the one-size-fits-all approach falls behind and the need for specialized software and customized tools continues to grow. 

Data and Information Gets Organized and Streamlined

If someone could imagine the way data and information moves along ethernet cables and network switches, they would probably think of light blocks on a highway, criss-crossing and gliding with streaks of color and cyber-elegance, arriving at their programmed destination with blistering speed. 

The truth, unfortunately, is that data moves much like our own freeways and highways. The more people are moving data, the more congested networks become and if enough people are on the ‘information superhighway’ then everyone experiences bottlenecks and jams leading to poor call quality or data missing. Information is messy and future companies aim to organize it.

Cross platform organization tools that include capabilities with document management systems, digital asset management systems, and iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) are all setting trends in ‘data organization’ that attempt to tackle problems of tomorrow.

C3 Tech Brings Orange County Tech Companies Managed IT Services, and SaaS They Need

These trends all demonstrate one thing: network infrastructure needs continue to grow. Businesses in Orange County have a local and experienced partner when it comes to outsourcing managed IT services, copiers and printers, SaaS, cybersecurity and any other software or network infrastructure challenge that may arise.

With over 25 years of experience, C3 Tech has seen explosive industry growth and has been right by their clients through each technological challenge they faced. Contact the experts at C3 Tech today to discover why year after year they continue to get awards for best-in-class service.