Office Copier Features to Consider When Purchasing

Despite the increasingly digital nature of the average Santa Ana office environment, physical documentation and copying is still a critical component of office work. However, every business will have different requirements for printing and photocopying, depending on what that business does. Here are some of the most important features to consider when choosing what office copier to purchase. What office copier features matter most to you?

Printer Speed

A critical component of an office copier’s performance capabilities is its printing speed. You don’t want to over-pay for performance you don’t need, however. If you have a small office with a lower volume of printing, a slower print speed can be appropriate. In larger offices with higher volumes, however, faster printing speed is essential. No one wants to be stuck in a line for their print job at the copier, after all. Many printers have different speed segments that they can be set to, and these segments have a recommended monthly volume of output associated with them. If a copier runs more volume than what it is rated for, it will likely break down and require servicing at a higher rate than normal. 

Scanning Features

Scanning is becoming more and more popular and necessary for modern businesses and has eliminated the need for faxing for many. If you scan files with several pages, you may want to consider a copier with a larger document feeder and a faster scanning speed. Scanning double-sided files might require that you get a duplexing automatic document feeder or DADF. This increases scanning speed by scanning both sides of the document at the same time.

Black and White vs. Color

If you use the copier purely for documentation and office filing, you probably do not need color printing functions. However, if your office produces lots of marketing material, presentations, or images in full color, you will definitely want something with color printing options. 

Paper Handling

Basic copiers may not be able to handle larger paper sizes. If you frequently print larger pages, this will be a necessary capability for whatever copier you choose. The number of pages a machine can copy per minute, or CPM, is an issue as well if you have to print large volumes very quickly. Advanced copiers can print on both sides, collate pages, change printing scales, and even staple pages together. 

Wireless Printing and Security

Modern copiers feature wireless printing capabilities that allow users to print remotely from their computers. However, if left unsecured, outside users can infiltrate your network and sabotage your copier by uploading unwanted copying tasks. Fortunately, some copiers include security systems that only allow authorized users to access their functions.

woman using office copy machine

Multifunction Products

A multi-use copier that can scan, print, and fax in addition to basic photocopying features is critical for some offices and can save both space and money otherwise used on multiple devices. Marketing teams need to print, scan, and fax tasks on tight deadlines, while accounting and finance departments need to use the scanner and photocopier more often than others. A multi-purpose machine can fulfill both of these needs and allow employees from different teams to share the same equipment. 

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