Online Shopping Security Tips and Ways to Stay Cyber Safe

The 2022 shopping season is in full swing, and with all the attention grabbing deals and incredible offers on things we’ve wanted all year long, it can be very easy to let cybersecurity and data diligence slide. This time of year, it’s more imperative than ever to stay focused and ahead of data breaches, as these events are carrying greater and greater consequences. 

We live in an information age where everyone’s digital footprint has become somewhat unknown. These days as we interact with websites on our phone or on the computer, the information that is shared between that device and the sites that we visit is constantly up for grabs, either by the highest bidder or by the most clever hacker.

Staying vigilant about what you share online, who you do it with, what you open and how you store your information is the best and most proactive way to stave off cyber attacks and security breaches.

For a safe and cybersecure 2022 holiday season, C3 Tech wants everyone to keep 3 simple tips top of mind:

Multi-Factor Is Your Friend

Single Factor Authentication, or SFA, is easy to hack with the right tools. If someone really wants to get into your account, they can with some perseverance. Using only one factor for identification, like your social security number, or a username and password, is the simplest gate for hackers to get through.

Multi-Factor Authentication puts multiple walls up for hackers to break through when attempting to gain access to an account. Adding an SMS text, fingerprint, or face recognition takes access security to a whole to level and makes it near impossible for hackers to gain access.

If you don’t have a Multi-Factor Authentication process setup already, do it today!

Make Your Passwords Better

Why are you still using the same password from 2002? Do you really think ‘Password1234’ is still relevant today? If you have the same password across multiple accounts, and it’s easy to guess, then these accounts can all be hacked. 

Some people struggle remembering complex passwords or which password is for what login, which is why a password keeper, or password manager can help simplify the login process and keep things locked up tight.

MFA with a password manager, gives you maximum security with simplicity! 

Don’t Open Weird Links

Another package failed to deliver to the door? Did someone find money in your name but they need some info from you first? If it looks and feels suspicious, that’s because it is. Follow that gut instinct and don’t open the link, even if there are promises of wealth and fortune. You won’t get the package redelivered, but you will get a compromised password followed by severe frustration trying to unwind whatever the hacker does.

Only open emails from trusted sources and only click on links from people you know. This simple principle can stop a large majority of hacks and data breaches, but it’s up to each individual to be diligent and think twice before clicking on something that dangles a carrot in front of us.

If it looks weird, it’s probably phishing.

Expert Cybersecurity with White Glove Service

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