Printer Security Checklist: How to Stop Threats at the MFP

Printer Security Checklist: How to Stop Threats at the MFP

You may not see printer security as vital, but any device connected to your network can be a potential risk to your business. Today’s headlines are filled with news of cyberattacks, designed to leverage any vulnerability, whether they be human or technical. Today’s intelligent multifunction printers (MFP)s have evolved to touch various types of business communications, networks, and data storage services. Failing to protect MFPs and printers may result in serious damage to a company. The following checklist is designed to help achieve optimal security for your MFP.

C3 Tech’s Secure Printing Checklist

  • Printer Access Control & Passwords
  • Create secure user access controls for your admins and users
  • Ensure all users have the correct level of access
  • Disable unused device functions and features
  • Limit how many users have administrator rights
  • Implement complex administrator password rules

Network & Communications

  • Close unused ports and disable unneeded network services
  • Use IP and MAC address filtering to limit MFP access to secure PCs
  • Enable S/MME, POP3, and STMP authentication when available
  • Change the MFP’s SNMP name from the default “public”
  • Do not publish an MFP’s IP address outside your organization’s firewall
  • Ensure your WiFi is configured properly for enhanced network security

Regular Audits

Review your audits and jobs log to filter our suspicious activity on your printer. If your IT team can’t handle this task, contact C3 Tech for Managed Print Services and Managed IT Services in Orange County!

Secure Printing with Cybersecurity Training

Businesses in Orange County, CA, experience regular attacks from malware, ransomware, and network hacking. Your sensitive information can be exposed if you and your team don’t have the proper cybersecurity training. C3 Tech can help your team defend its network through our comprehensive cybersecurity training service.

Beyond Copier Security

Threats are not always external. Employees are often the unwitting culprit in data breaches. Without an email filtering service or network security, your team could potentially open phishing emails, leak sensitive data, expose your network to malicious users, and allow unrestricted access to your printers, copiers, and PCs. As an IT company in Orange County, C3 Tech offers a full suite of IT services designed to completely protect your business from hacking, malware, ransomware, and phishing. To see what Managed IT services can do for you, call us today at (714) 689-1700.