Signs Your Office Copier Needs Servicing

If you’re a business owner in Santa Ana, you know how valuable your office’s copier is to your success. Without a copier, you can’t scan or print documents to create the vital documents that keep your business running. Like any piece of technology, office copiers are vulnerable to mechanical failure. Every copier needs regular servicing and maintenance to stay in optimal condition. If your office copy machine is showing any of these warning signs for failure, contact C3 Tech for its office copier repair and maintenance services. 

The ‘Call For Service’ Indicator Is Flashing.

Modern copiers feature LCD displays or screens that let employees control the copier’s various functions. They also display any alerts or messages, so if the copier detects an internal issue or failure, it will display a “Call For Service” message on the LCD screen. 

The Copier Needs a Lot of Toner

If you feel like your copier is consuming far more toner than it ought to, there is a chance that it is collecting somewhere that it shouldn’t. If the toner is allowed to collect and gunk up somewhere within the copier, it can cause extremely messy and expensive repairs, so the sooner the issue is addressed, the better. 

Printing Errors

If there are errors in a copier’s output, these can be the first signs of a problem with your office copier. Streaks and lines on prints, copies coming out as all black or completely blank, and voided or missing areas of print on copies are all indicators of mechanical issues within your copier that can be serviced. 

Inability To Scan

A copier’s scanner is obviously critical for its ability to process paper documents and turn them into electronic files. Modern office copiers in Santa Ana have very fast scanning mechanisms with lots of moving parts, but these moving parts can experience wear and tear like any other piece of equipment. Paper jamming and misfeeding in the document tray, the scanner not moving when making a copy, and copies being blank or having poor color/contrast are all indicators of scanner failure. A trained office copier technician can diagnose what the exact issue is and repair it for you in a timely manner.

Long Warm-Up Times

Copiers and printers usually take some time to warm up after being turned on, but this should only require a minute or two before the device is ready for normal operations. If your office copier requires five minutes or more to prepare for use, it is probably time to put in a service call. 

Features Have Stopped Working

For an office copier in Santa Ana, firmware and software are just as important as the mechanical components for proper functioning. All of these programs need to work in unison, and updates or alterations to the software code can disrupt this. If you notice that your copier’s features are working differently, or have stopped working entirely, there may have been a new firmware update. Check with your copier’s manufacturer or your service provider to confirm there’s been a recent update and if features have changed. If you know there has been a new software or firmware update, you may want to test your copier’s features to see if anything has been added or disabled. 

If you need a trusted service for office copiers in Santa Ana, C3 Tech provides a full spectrum of copier maintenance and repairs. We employ trained and certified technicians who can accurately diagnose and repair issues with your office’s copier or multifunction printer, ensuring that your business can continue to work smoothly. When paired with our IT support and office technology supplies, we can provide a full spectrum of corporate technology solutions. Give us a call at (714) 689-1700 today, and we can schedule an appointment to service your office copier in Orange County.