Davis Tran C3 Tech

C3 Tech’s Davis Tran’s Promoted to Vice President of Operations, Celebrating Ten Years of Dedication and Growth

Davis Tran C3 Tech

Davis Tran, Vice President of Operations at C3 Tech





My goal is to be able to solve all the pains of poor service and continue to educate our customers in security,” says Davis Tran, VP of Operations for C3 Tech in Santa Ana, CA. A boutique cybersecurity and network services company, C3 Tech has experienced incredible growth since its inception more than 25 years ago and, as businesses everywhere have needed faster and more powerful network infrastructure, the market sector C3 Tech services has seen rapid expansion and unprecedented scaling.


From the beginning, C3 Tech has focused on integrity and the customer experience. By partnering with only the best brands in the industry, C3 Tech has built their reputation on quality products, unparalleled customer service, and security solutions designed for any sized business.


A company with this much bottom line growth, client retention, and market capture clearly has vision and direction. Much of the success C3 Tech has experienced is owed to its people, and one of the most driven and successful people within the organization is recently promoted Vice President of Operations, Davis Tran.


“My C3 family has been there for all my personal and career milestones. They provide the right support and programs to help level us up. That spirit of mutual trust and hard work is what leads us to personal success.” The professionalism and personal drive that comes through in Davis’ words echo in every client relationship. The promotion of Davis Tran to Vice President of Operations highlights the career path of someone who truly understands loyalty and delivering on promises. 


Davis’ path to today began ten years ago when he started with C3 as a Solutions Consultant, where his curiosity got the best of him. While learning sales, he became very interested in the technology behind the products he was selling. Davis was quickly developing a passion for helping solve the technological problems businesses face everyday. “Managing one project became managing multiple projects,“ and before he realized it, Davis was rising through the company and handling more responsibility. 


Along his journey, Davis recalls some of his favorite memories, “Holiday party at the owners. Happens every year with a white elephant gift exchange. You never know what people bring!” Holiday parties are common at work; on TV and movies. These days, it’s an incredible gift and wonderful experience to be able to bond with coworkers outside of the workplace, especially when business owners host. This culture of caring empowers the staff at C3 Tech to work hard and be present.


The vision that Davis has for C3 Tech doesn’t stop with client solutions. “I envision us branching out to multiple locations spearheading the copier and IT division. Our services will be recognized by the [entire] Southern California region.” It’s no secret why C3 Tech has experienced such success with minds like Davis Tran to help make decisions. “This promotion will bridge the gap between innovation and creativity.” In his own words, Davis encompasses what it means to be someone who pushes the operations of a growing IT company into the next phase of its story. 


When asked what the future holds for C3 Tech, Davis responded with intent and clarity, “I look forward to improved goods, services, and processes. Innovation is impossible without creativity. Both require a good imagination and I’m ready to turn dreams into reality.”