Partner With A DBE Certified Business and Empower Your People

Celebrating diversity in corporate environments is an important and effective way to empower employees and business owners to share their cultural differences and come together to build strong teams.

The Disadvantaged Business Entity Certification Program is a wonderful example of corporations and governments embracing minorities in ways that were previously much more challenging to leverage the diverse talents of employees.

When companies tap into the power of their people, they can synergistically evolve to become more creative, equitable, dynamic, and ultimately more profitable.

The impact of embracing diversity within an organization isn’t always represented on television or discussed in history books, yet these stories unfold everyday in our cities, towns, communities and even our homes. 


C3 Tech is minority owned, woman operated, DBE certified, and proud to have made this claim since its inception in 1994. 


Co-founder of C3 Tech, Tricia Sanchez, has embraced a philosophy since day one that still holds true today: Provide best-in-class products and services, with white glove, on-demand customer support. Tricia has always taken pride in cultivating strong relationships with her clients and team, and continues to provide exceptional leadership as C3 grows in their local market segment.

Becoming a DBE Certified business is something to be proud of- but what exactly does that mean? 

A DBE Certification isn’t like a degree or diploma that is earned one time and then displayed in a frame. When a company applies for DBE certification, there are specific criteria that they must meet at the onset, in addition to ongoing activity that the company must do to keep that certification. Exploring the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program reveals that it’s easy to apply, but maintaining your status requires adhesion to fairly strict qualifications.


Why Should I Partner With A DBE Certified Organization?


If a business does not meet the criteria for DBE Certification, they should not worry! They can still enjoy the benefits of the DBE program by partnering and working with DBE Certified organizations. 

The advantages of working with a DBE Certified organization can depend on the relationship that is built over time between the entities and people involved. Additionally, C3 Tech has identified several specific advantages that working with a DBE certified organization can provide.

Get a Leg Up on Funding

When a company seeks funding from the Department of Transportation, if they can claim DBE status they will often get an advantageous position over companies that cannot. A Proof of Good Faith Effort can be made to get in good graces, but often it’s the companies that are able to meet the DBE goals that will get the priority funding.

Focused Resource Pool

Since 1983 the DBE program has been growing and expanding by adding thousands and thousands of reputable, experienced, and well-established disadvantaged businesses enterprises that all serve your local community.

Transparency and Accountability

Public contracts are public record. Contracts bid and won under the DBE program are paid for by taxpayer dollars which means greater scrutiny, more transparency, and deeper accountability.

An Ever Expanding Infrastructure

Transit and tech continue to experience unprecedented growth through private enterprise, but as politicians push their campaigns for more infrastructure funding and more efficient transportation solutions, the transit and technological infrastructure will naturally expand.


C3 Tech is proud to be a DBE Certified organization and invites all for-profit entities in Orange County to do what they can to celebrate the diversity in their teams, create a more inclusive environment, and empower their organization with a full spectrum of talent.