Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing a Copier

Efficient office spaces often choose to lease a multifunction printer rather than buy or rent one due to the long-term cost benefits. Leasing, rather than renting or buying an office copier, is the most common practice in business, but many people still have questions about the ins and outs of the leasing process and its benefits. With C3 Tech, leasing an office copier in Santa Ana has never been easier. Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about leasing a copy machine for the workplace.

Is it better to buy, rent, or lease a copy machine?

This is the first question that any company should pose when debating a new office copier. It’s also one of the questions that we’re asked the most often. Each option is drastically different and will be largely dependent on the needs of your specific business across several aspects. If you’re a relatively new business that doesn’t have long-term security yet and isn’t confident in its ability to pay for a copier over the course of several years, renting is likely the best option. If you’re an established business with no concerns about long-term payments such as a several-year-long contract, then leasing is the most common option. Many companies choose to lease a multifunction printer because it allows you to update your machine as technologies and business needs change, rather than being stuck owning one expensive copy machine outright. It’s also often cheaper than buying a machine for the first several years since you organize monthly payments that fit within your budget and only run for the length of your contract. Many leases also come with benefits such as managed print services that can save you time and money over other solutions.

Buying is perhaps the least popular option, and it is best suited to wealthy corporations that will not struggle with the cost of purchasing a several-thousand-dollar office technology product every several years. Buying isn’t favored since technology and new copier models update so rapidly, but buying also allows you to recoup part of the cost of the machine by selling it, an option unavailable to those who lease a copy machine.

Which office copier is best for my office?

This is probably the #1 most asked question that we receive at C3 Tech. Those looking for office copiers in Santa Ana often find it easy enough to decide between renting and leasing, but they become overwhelmed and stalled in the process when they begin browsing the overwhelming selection of multifunction printer models available. When it comes to deciding exactly which copy machine is best for you, it’s best to trust an office technology professional who can expertly assess your company’s printing needs and pair you with the best machine for your Santa Ana business. If you’d like to be matched with a best-in-class commercial printer that’s optimized to your company’s unique printing demands, trust the experts at C3 Tech.

How do I track supply levels?

Here at C3 Tech, we offer an easy-to-use portal for all of our customers who lease a multifunction printer through us. This portal allows you to track your toner levels and other meters, and you can even order new supplies for delivery with the touch of a button! We also offer managed print services and expert technician support, so leasing office copiers in Santa Ana is always hassle-free with C3!

Looking to lease a multifunction printer or office copier in Santa Ana?

C3 Tech has everything you need for an optimized and efficient workflow. We’ll assess your company’s unique printing and copying needs to pair you with the perfect multifunction printer. Through our My C3 portal, you can request technician support and order supplies with greater ease than ever before. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive IT services or best-in-class office technology, C3 Tech is here for you. To get started today, give us a call at (714) 689-1700.