Why Managed IT Services Are Better Than In-House

Every business, no matter what size, must make a decision between in-house IT and managed IT services. There are pros and cons to both, but many small- and medium-sized businesses often find that managed services are more advantageous when it comes to both cost and quality of service. Which choice is best for you will be dependant on what kind of support your business requires, but here are a few things to consider when deciding on a managed IT service provider.

Stay on Budget

One of the most common misconceptions about managed IT services is that it costs more than hiring in-house support. The truth is, hiring in-house IT is usually ultimately more expensive for small businesses, and it’s much less reliable and consistent in costs. In California, the average salary for a systems administrator is $75k. In addition to the employee salary, benefits, training costs, and taxes, you also will be responsible for paying for hardware, software, and other tools needed to sustain your operation. With managed IT services, you are paying a fixed monthly rate that covers the cost of technicians, supplies, software, and any unanticipated malfunctions. With in-house IT, you can end up paying more than expected to fix unexpected problems, or you may end up wasting money by hiring an employee that sits idly at times while your systems are running perfectly. Managed IT services guarantee that you are spending exactly what you expect to spend each month while receiving quality and consistent IT service. 

Allows Room for Growth

The goal of every company is to grow and expand its operations. As your company grows, so will the demands put on your IT department. You will need to add more servers, purchase more hardware, and hire more employees. This will exponentially increase your spending and limit the rate at which you can grow. It can take months on end to expand your in-house IT department to the point to which you need it. With managed IT services, however, you can expand your operation overnight. We have the storage space, depth of knowledge, and manpower to accommodate your company’s growing needs instantaneously. Managed IT services encourage growth rather than inhibiting it like in-house IT often can. All you need to do is contact us here at C3, and we can provide you with everything your company needs, big or small.

Always Available

Managed IT service providers are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In-house IT can be beneficial since your IT administrator will be on-site when a problem occurs. But what happens when your expert is on vacation, sick, or at home after hours? Managed IT technicians are always accessible, and they can diagnose your problems just as quickly as in-house technicians. No matter what issue occurs or what time it occurs, managed IT service providers like C3 Tech will be there to take care of you.

With managed IT services from C3 Tech, you can ensure you’re always running at peak efficiency with minimal disruption. Whenever anything goes wrong, you can trust that someone will be available to assist you, any day or time. To find out more about our range of IT services, including managed IT, give us a call today at (714) 689-1700.