The Advantages of Leasing an Office Copy Machine

Man making a copy on a copy machine

Every business needs a printer and copier. It’s an essential piece of office technology that’s virtually impossible to live without if you want your company running efficiently at all times. However, commercial copiers are a hefty investment that can cost thousands of dollars in capital. If you want the latest technology available to you at an affordable monthly rate with managed print services, consider leasing your commercial copier from C3 Tech.

Initial Cost & Budgeting

There are many reasons your business may prefer to lease a copy machine or multifunction printer rather than purchase one outright. Perhaps the most significant factor is cost. If you’re a small or midsize business, you likely have limited financial resources saved for exploring business opportunities and aiding revenue growth. Investing in office technology that immediately depreciates is not wise. In most cases, the only result is you spending many thousands of dollars. With a leased commercial copier, you can establish a set schedule for smaller payments. In this way, being able to budget is hugely beneficial to a growing company that will inevitably find its copier needs changing in a few years, anyway.

Tax Benefits

Leasing a copier also has notable tax benefits over purchasing the same machine. When you buy an office copier in full, you can deduct only the value of the machine’s depreciation, which is typically 40 percent of the retail price in the first year after purchasing and 25 percent every year after. However, if you choose to lease your copy machine, you can deduct your entire payment value from your taxes. This is because the IRS considers the lease payment a pre-tax business expense.

Man fixing a copier

Technology Updates

Another reason to lease your commercial copy machine is because of the inevitable obsolescence of office technology. Your business’s demands are constantly developing, and the copier you purchase today may not be the office copier you need tomorrow. With a multifunction printer lease, you have no commitment to the device for years at a time. By leasing, you can upgrade your equipment to the latest technology, keeping your business operating at peak efficiency.

Hassle-Free Maintenance & Repairs

If you don’t have an in-house IT department for your office technology equipment, leased commercial copiers are a great option. Most leased copiers also have managed print services available to use, so maintenance and repairs are a breeze. With managed print services, you can order compatible toner cartridges in seconds and report any issues to a team of reliable and responsible technicians. We perform all maintenance and repairs in an extremely timely manner, so you can keep the business running smoothly. When you purchase a copy machine, you also accept the upkeep that goes along with it. With leased commercial copiers, you can allow C3 Tech to take care of the maintenance for you.

C3 Tech will work with your team to study your printing, scanning, and document management needs. We’ll help you find the best office technology equipment for your business at the lowest possible cost. Enjoy the benefits of leasing a commercial copy machine and enlist our managed print services for hassle-free maintenance and repairs. To find out more about the equipment and services we can provide, call us today at (714) 689-1700.